We were born in Italy, but we have our head in the world: we operate in 67 countries and every day we create value.
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Our roots are in Italy but from the very beginning we have looked beyond our national borders. Eni carries out oil and gas exploration, development and extraction in 43 countries, trades in oil, gas, LNG and electricity in 28 countries and sells high-quality fuels and lubricants in 33 countries. Today we works in 67 different countries, with over 31,000 employees all over the world.

From the first steps we took in the Egyptian desert in 1954 to today: the discovery of Coral in Mozambique, Zohr, the largest gas field in the Mediterranean, and the Salissa Mwana project in Congo. Today Eni in Africa means integrating Oil & Gas with access to energy and local development projects.

By 2020 Perla will produce 34 million cubic metres of gas. The largest offshore American oilfield is 3000 metres below sea level and is one of Eni’s most important start-up projects.


Merakes: Eni’s exploration in the Pacific basin has benefited from a new well. A discovery that strengthens our presence in this area.

The most cutting-edge technological solutions, with the least impact on the environment: the giant Goliat field, offshore in the Barents Sea, is Eni’s most northern offshore oil platform and one of our greatest successes in Europe.

*The data differ from those published in the Annual Report because they include only fully consolidated companies.